Dear Friends,

In the Academy Award-winning film, My Octopus Teacher, Craig Foster dove deep into the Great African Sea Forest and discovered a world of creatures and behaviors never before seen by humans and, in the process, healed his own suffering.   

“A captivating call to take time to observe
and live in the moment.”

Kirkus Review

Now, we invite you to discover this deeply enchanting underwater forest in Underwater Wild: My Octopus Teacher’s Extraordinary World, a fascinating nature journey packed with 250 beautiful never-before-seen color photos. In it, Craig Foster and his diving partner Ross Frylinck share gripping stories of their adventures in and around the kelp forests off the coast of South Africa. 

Underwater Wild is publishing TODAY, November 16th.

This gorgeous book of underwater life is a thrilling and personal adventure story, and a reminder of our deep connection to the whole macrocosm of the ocean. The book reveals a new vision of the sea: one full of wonder, new insights into marine biology, and life-changing teachings for even the most land-bound readers. 
Please take a look here, dive into this immersive ocean experience (and a perfect gift), and let us know on Amazon or Goodreads about your own experiences in the underwater wild. 

From the wildness of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Cruz cliffs, 

Rachel, Doug, Janelle, Stacie, Jordan, Bella, Ty, Staci, Lara, and Sarah