Dear Friends,

As the world outside continues to change in drastic and dramatic ways, it’s easy to feel stuck in stress and despair. Today, we are humbled and honored to present you with a new book that can help from our longtime author and dear friend.

Holocaust survivor, psychologist, and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Edith Eger offers us a practical and inspirational guide to healing that gently encourages us to change the imprisoning thoughts and destructive behaviors that may be holding us back. In The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life, Dr. Eger’s empowering lessons help you to see your darkest moments as your greatest teachers and find freedom through the strength that lies within.

In her first book, the international bestsellerThe Choice, Dr. Eger took us through her harrowing journey through Auschwitz, where she emerged liberated but not quite yet free, and the work she had to do to confront her past and heal her pain. In that book, she reminded us that hope is a choice—not just a putting on of rose-colored glasses. It is an investment in the future, the conviction to focus not on what you’ve lost, but on what’s still here for you, and on the work you’re called to do.  

Now, in The Gift, Dr. Eger offers us the real-world strategies and tools we can use—no matter the circumstances of our suffering—to heal ourselves. She shows us the prisons within, and how to free ourselves from unresolved grief and victimhood. The Gift is an offering of freedom that can start with you today, wherever you are.

We want to offer you some exclusive resources from Dr. Eger for friends of Idea Architects. Here are some words of wisdom for these troubled times from an exclusive audiobook excerpt, and here you can see her speak more on her life and work, including this book.

With love and hope,
Doug, Lara, Rachel, Ty, Staci, Mariah, Stacie, Esme, Jordan and everyone at Idea Architects