Hi Friends,

Amid the increasing awareness of the need for criminal justice reform, we are eager to share with you Larry Krasner’s powerful new book, For the People: A Story of Justice and Power. Larry is at the forefront of a movement to reshape what it means to hold people accountable, to end the war on drugs, eliminate racial discrimination in charging and sentencing, and to truly protect and serve. 

For the People makes the compelling case that transforming criminal justice is the most important civil rights movement of our time. Krasner’s story shows how true transformation can only come if we’re willing to fight for the power to make a change, to see how our system of injustice was built— and act so we might dismantle it. Filled with stories, insights, and ideas for how we can all move towards a better society, this book is for those of us who are fired up and looking for effective pathways for change — as well as those wanting an inside look into our justice system and learning about it for the first time.

It is our honor to share this book with you. We hope it proves as transformative for you and for the world as it has been for us.

Doug, Lara, Rachel, Esmé, Jordan, Ty, Staci, Mariah and Stacie.