Dear Friends, 
Like so many around the world, I was moved and inspired by the Academy-Award-winning film, My Octopus Teacher.  I am delighted that we have had a chance to work with Craig Foster on his powerful new book,  Amphibious Soul: Finding the Wild in a Tame World, which releases today, May 14th.
In this thrilling memoir of a life spent exploring the most incredible places on Earth—from the Great African Seaforest to the crocodile lairs of the Okavango Delta—Craig reveals how we can deepen our connection to the natural world and in the process heal ourselves.Amphibious Soul book cover

He reveals his personal struggles with exhaustion, burnout and depression when the demands of work and life became overwhelming and demonstrates how reconnecting with the natural world and other living beings brought him back to his true nature. Amphibious Soul reveals how we can rediscover what is completely
natural to us yet stripped away by modern
life, and how enabling profound connections with all living beings helps us to locate our own wild hearts.The world fell in love with Craig and an octopus, and the bond they shared. This story goes deeper and reveals how that bond is available to us all. In a unique bonus feature for readers, the book includes a 16-page full color “Tracking Journal” of Foster’s stunning photos and a QR code which links to 27 specially created short films featuring more Octopus teachings and other lessons from the wild.

Craig joined Tim Ferris on his podcast and the book was just reviewed in the LA Times today. Craig’s book is a profound infusion of what we need in our modern world and definitely worth reading.

A highlight of my trip to Cape Town to give the Tutu Peace Lecture in 2022 was getting to swim with Craig.

Doug Abrams with Craig Foster in Africa

After swimming with Craig in the African Sea Forest.  Also together with my sister, Karen, Craig’s wife, Swati, and Pippa Ehrlich, the director of My Octopus Teacher.

Mind Magic book cover
Also just published is Dr. James Doty’s Mind Magic: The Neuroscience of Manifestation and How It Changes Everything. You can also catch Jim on Armchair Expert and School of Greatness. As a neurosurgeon, Jim reveals the science of manifestation and debunks the myths. My favorite line: “The universe doesn’t give a fuck about you because it has no fucks to give.”

Jim grounds us in the practices that actually change our brain structures: attention, meditation, visualization, and compassion. This mind magic allows us to move through the world in ways that help us see clearly—reclaiming our agency, realizing our dreams, and reaching out to help others along the path.

Doug Abrams, Lara Love, and Jim Doty

With Jim, Lara Love, and Jim’s son, for the book tour of his previous NY Times Bestseller, Into the Magic Shop.

More News

At the TED conference in Vancouver last month, it was great hearing John and Julie Gottman share how to turn conflict into connection from their New York Times Bestseller Fight Right . Their talk will go live on TED on June 11th.

I was also deeply moved by the conversation between friends and activists Aziz Abu Sarah and Maoz Inon about the Israel/Gaza crisis. Definitely worth a listen.

Doug Abrams with Aziz Abu Sarah
Aziz Abu Sarah and Doug Abrams at TED 2024

Charan Ranganath sat down with Dax Shepherd and Monica Padman on the Armchair Expert Podcast to talk about his NY Times Bestseller, Why We Remember: Unlocking Memory’s Power to Hold on to What Matters.

Suzanne Simard
Doug Abrams and Suzanne Simard

A HUGE congratulations to Suzanne Simard for making Time Magazine’s list of most influential people of 2024. Her groundbreaking work on tree communication has changed the way we understand the wisdom of the plant world. 

Suzanne’s NY Times Bestseller Finding the Mother Tree is a moving and inspiring memoir, which we are making into a film with Amy Adams, who will play Suzanne. Top Secret: Suzanne and I are working on a new co-authored book based on our adventures in the Amazon and discovering the wisdom of the grandmother trees.  Sneak peak below:

Doug Abrams and Suzanne Simard

A Quick Favor

Lastly, one of our next projects is launching a podcast with my dear friend Soren Gordhamer of Wisdom 2.0. We’ll be speaking with some of the world’s most fascinating people including the incredible authors and visionaries we’ve been honored to get to know and work with.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what we should name the podcast, follow this link to pick your favorite or to recommend a name of your own! 

Warm regards and friendship,

Doug & Alyssa, Amanda, Jordan, Kelly, Sascha, Sarah, and Wenonah