Amishi Jha

Amishi Jha studies how to keep the brain’s attention systems in peak shape over high-pressure intervals. In her laboratory at the University of Miami, she uses functional MRI, electrophysiological recordings and behavioral analysis techniques to understand why our attention sometimes fails us, and if it can be trained for greater focus and less distractibility. She launched the first-ever study to offer attention training tools to active duty military service members as they prepared for deployment. What she has discovered is that without intervention, attention is compromised, and attentional lapses increase. Students, business professionals, and athletes show this pattern as well. The good news is that with training, attention can be strengthened and protected. She has shared her research findings with the UK Parliament, NATO, World Economic Forum, and Pentagon. In her forthcoming book with Idea Architects (Harper One, 2021), she shares her discoveries on how attention can be trained for optimal performance and well-being.

Book titles in collaboration with Idea Architects

  • Peak Mind - COMING SOON