Ben McBride

Reverend Ben McBride is a native of San Francisco, spiritual leader and longtime activist for peace and justice in the Bay Area. Ben is an expert at fostering belonging and serves as a national leader around reconstructing public safety systems and gun violence prevention work, including a background of training over 100 law enforcement departments and executives. He founded the Bring the HEAT campaign, a peacemaking initiative to address police violence, and serves as the Co-Chair of California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board focusing on ending racial profiling in California. He was featured in the Sundance Film Festival Award winning film, THE FORCE, focusing on his peacemaking work. Ben is also an experienced trainer around equity, diversity and inclusion; working with companies and values based organizations across the country. His book, WADE IN THE WATER will be about how we heal the troubled waters we find ourselves in and how to bridge, build, belong and become. Ben says the question is not what do we need to do now, but who do we all need to become.

Book titles in collaboration with Idea Architects

  • Wade in the Water - COMING SOON