Freedom Day

Dear Friends, Today, Juneteenth, offers us a clear opportunity to remember our nation's history and make a choice on how we celebrate it. At Idea Architects, we are committed to the fight against racial injustice and inequity wherever we encounter it, in our schools, in our workplaces, in our criminal justice system, and even in our own hidden biases. One of our teachers in this work is Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt, the author of Biased, whose new TED talk, How Racial Bias Works— and How to Disrupt...

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In Solidarity

Dear Friends, This week, our small staff gathered online and shared some of the grief, fear, anger, and hopelessness we were all feeling. We had no answers, and many questions. How do we stand in solidarity with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and far too many others? How do we have the necessary conversations that will change minds, hearts, and institutions? What does real criminal justice reform look like, and what role do we play in the civil rights issue of our time? We stand unequivocally...

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Designing Your COVID Life: Trusted Networks

For our fifth video in the Designing Your Covid Life series, authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans discuss the importance of your design team, and the value of nurturing your trusted networks right now. They remind us that we don’t hear our ideas until we share them with others, and that if we never talk to our trusted networks, we’ll never find the jobs that aren’t posted publicly.  

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Designing Your COVID Life: Generative Reframing

Many of us are months into some form of lockdown, and the truth is, we’re struggling too. The DYL team continues to refine our toolkits to design our lives through a pandemic, and no approach is perfect. That’s why this week we’ve decided to focus on Generative Reframing. It’s a tool the authors initially developed to help Olympic athletes and elite military forces going through a radical career/life shift. It teaches us how to transition out of the waiting room, and into the neutral zone, as...

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Designing Your COVID Life, Part Three

One of the silver linings right now is that having conversations driven by your curiosity with an interesting person has never been more available. Learn how to prototype and interact your way to a successful future in the next episode of Bill Burnett and Dave Evan's Designing Your Covid Life series.

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Designing Your COVID Life, Part Two

Given the unique circumstances created by Coronavirus and the adjustments we’ve had to make to our lives, authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans have created a series of videos that adapt our Life Design toolkits to the current climate. Here they present Four Steps for Designing Your Life.  

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Designing Your (COVID) Life, Part I

During these unprecedented times, Designing Your Life  and Designing Your Work Life authors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans adapt their Life Design toolkits to our new circumstances. In this week’s episodes of Designing Your COVID Life, the authors discuss Generative Acceptance and one of their most popular Life Design tools: Setting the Bar Low, and Clearing it Often.

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Days of Peril and Promise

By Dr. Jeffrey Rediger In five days, our hospital has gone from two medical COVID-19 units to every unit except one having a high proportion of patients who are either COVID-19 test pending or already positive. Our day surgery center is now a second ICU, and my friend, the Chief of Infectious Diseases and medical director of the ICU, said he has never felt so helpless. He goes from ventilator to ventilator, unable to get the numbers up so that people can begin breathing on their own and...

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Five Things You Can Do For COVID-19 Anxiety from Elissa Epel

By Elisa Epel This widespread coronavirus anxiety is fueling big changes fast.  We are doing smart things—washing hands, social distancing, staying home.  But just how anxious should we be?  There is a sweet spot.  Panic makes pandemics worse. It stresses our whole interdependent system, from our own body to global health. With the high level of uncertainty and novelty of the situation, our anxious minds very easily overestimate the actual threat, and underestimate our ability to cope with it....

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