Dear Friends,

As we approach the end of summer and a new school year that promises to be unlike any other, we wanted to share some resources that may help guide you, your family, and your communities.

Esther Wojcicki has been a lifeline for parents with kids at home for such an extended period of time. Her book, How to Raise Successful People, now available in paperback, focuses on clear guideposts for parenting and we’ve found that the five tenants she teaches—Trust, Respect, Independence, Collaboration, and Kindness, or TRICKcan extend to business and community leaders as well.

It can be anxiety-inducing to be a new parent anytime, and especially during such unstable times. So we are happy to be able to share this resource from bestselling author and parenting expert Dr. Tina Payne Bryson whose new book, Bottom Line for Baby is coming out September 1st. You can learn more about her book and how it can help you through these early days of parenting here.

Dr. Bryson boils down all aspects of parenting—from sleep training to screen time—with authority, demystifying every concern by giving an objective summary of the different approaches and a bottom line conclusion. She gives you guidance to assess and apply the information in a way that’s consistent with your family’s principles and meets your child’s unique needs.

We hope you and your family are getting the resources you need and are staying safe, happy, and healthy.

Doug, Lara, Rachel, Staci, Ty, Mariah, Stacie, Esme, Jordan, and the whole Idea Architects team.