Dear Friends,

Happy World Octopus Day! 

We are so happy to celebrate one of the most distinctive, playful, intelligent, and curious animals on the planet today alongside our dear friends and authors, Ross Frylinck and Craig Foster, of the critically acclaimed and Academy Award winning feature documentary, My Octopus Teacher and the new book Underwater Wild: My Octopus Teacher’s Extraordinary World, a gorgeous full-color dive with over 250 original  photographs. To celebrate, we’d like to offer you an exclusive print photograph of your choice, taken by Craig, of the underwater wild.

In the documentary, Craig observed and connected with an octopus in her natural habitat. Craig was transformed by the world beneath the waves, and now, alongside his diving partner Ross, he is bringing the opportunity for greater transformation, understanding, and connection to nature in Underwater Wild, publishing November 16th.


This book is an immersive journey into the world that inspired the documentary—and holds transformative lessons for us all. Through the stunning photos in Underwater Wild, we witness strange new behaviors never before documented in marine biology and learn how to track sea hares, cuttlefish, and limpets. Underwater Wild reveals a new vision of the sea, one full of wonder, new insights into marine biology, and life-changing teachings for even the most land-bound of us.

As our friends, if you preorder a copy of Underwater Wild before it goes on sale (11/16) you will receive an exclusive print poster of a stunning photograph from the book! And bonus: you get to pick from four different options!

Simply pre-order from any of the retailers listed on the book site (we love to support our indie bookstores!) and then fill out this Google Form.

Sending the world a big, eight-armed hug,
Ty, Mariah, Rachel, Doug, Lara, Stacie, Bella, Sarah, Staci, Janelle, and Jordan.