IDEA ARCHITECTS (IA), a leading non-fiction US literary agency is thrilled to announce that after twenty years as CEO, Doug Abrams will be transitioning to President and Founder, focusing on overall growth and strategy for the agency, strategic partnerships, film and television development, and book and film writing. Lara Love Hardin (COO) and Rachel Neumann (CSO)  have been promoted to Co-CEOs, and will be bringing their decades of agenting and publishing experience to leading and growing the next stage of Idea Architects.


Rachel and Lara will continue the agency’s mission to create a wiser, healthier, and more just world through phenomenal books and media. Both will also continue to agent top-level projects. Idea Architects clients include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Bryan Stevenson, Elizabeth Blackburn, Edith Eger, Julie Gottman, Christiana Figueres, Jane Goodall, and many other award-winning scientists and thought leaders.


“I’m so excited for us to take this next step as an agency,” said Doug Abrams, “Lara has the rare combination of a COO’s ability to manage and grow a company with the gut instincts and sharp editorial eye to create bestsellers. Rachel has masterfully run two publishing companies and has an uncanny knack for storytelling and strategy, as well as a commitment to building the broadest possible audience and impact. There could not be two more qualified people to carry-on the agency’s powerful work and co-lead its future. “


Lara Love Hardin had this to say about the transition, “After 12 years at Idea Architects I’m excited to be stepping into this new role, and to be leading IA alongside the amazing Rachel as we move into the next evolution of the agency.”


“It’s such a joy to be part of this unique and dazzling agency,” added Rachel Neumann. “There’s no place where I’ve felt more at home and I’m excited to be working with my brilliant colleague Lara to continue Idea Architects’ legacy and lead its growth.”


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