Bella Roberts


Superpower //transforming dreams into plans, spreadsheets, and emails. Executing a vision without burning out its light.  Editing between dance moves.

Mirabella Roberts, or Bella for short, is the Associate Literary Agent at Idea Architects, where they support the agency’s prospecting and submission processes. Committed to bolstering underrepresented voices in literature, Bella has spent the past five years supporting authors in their explorations of mental health, immigration and displacement, and queerness.


As the founder of the non-profit Art to Reduce Mental Health Stigma, Bella has hosted over 50 storytelling events and supported over 100 authors, artists, and community activists in sharing stories that destigmatize mental health. Prior to joining the Idea Architects team, Bella worked to bring immigrant authors’ stories to the U.S. as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Artistic Freedom Initiative (AFI). Bella dreams of continuing to explore the relationship between storytelling and social change. A native of Maryland, Bella loves to compete in slam poetry competitions, cook Georgian food, and dance. Bella holds a B.A. in Literary Arts and Public Policy from Brown University.