Superpower //curiosity (good thing i’m not a cat). seeing others so they can see themselves. asking the wrong questions at the right times. pushing past platitudes to get to the beating heart of the story.

Nina St. Pierre is a collaborative writer for IA. A California native, she comes from a long line of scientists, wanderers, and mystics. After migrating east to get her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Rutgers, where she founded an experimental writing salon called The Dark Room, she made a long-dreamt-of leap to New York. Currently, she lives in Brooklyn and flies through the streets with the greatest of ease on a Slovenian moped. Her articles and essays, which focus primarily on art, feminism, and spirituality, can be read in Catapult, InStyle, Narratively, NYLON, Brooklyn Magazine, Flaunt, Electric Literature, and in the anthology Burn It Down. She’s forever finishing a memoir about mysticism and madness set in rural northern California.