Young Sarah Letter


Superpower // Putting together the puzzle pieces of a story. Polishing sentences until they shine. Occasionally mixing metaphors.

As Editorial Director of Idea Architects, Sarah draws from two decades of publishing experience to support our authors and collaborators during every stage of the book development process. As a collaborative writer, editor, and book developer, Sarah has worked with some of today’s most influential leaders and thinkers, including Dan Pink, Eric Ries, and Gero Leson of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. As an editor at Doubleday and senior editor at Collins, she edited several bestsellers, including the New York Times bestseller Sway by Ori and Rom Brafman; and The Spark, a book on creativity from Cirque du Soleil’s Former Vice-President of Creation Lyn Heward. As Editorial Director of The Cheney Agency, she worked closely with many acclaimed and bestselling authors including Adelle Waldman (The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.), Marco Roth (The Scientists), and Eli Pariser (The Filter Bubble).

Sarah is also a novelist and comedian. She is the author of the novel Love Will Tear Us Apart (Three Rivers Press, 2009), was an improviser and writer for Maude Night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and for many years had a recurring role as “The Log Lady” at a popular Twin Peaks-themed party in Brooklyn hosted by the electronic occult band “a place both wonderful and strange.”