Wenonah Hoye


Superpower //turning memories into memoir, evoking empathy, seeing the silver lining.

Wenonah Hoye is a collaborative writer for Idea Architects based in Brooklyn, New York. She has over twenty years of experience working across a wide range of genres, including narrative nonfiction, memoir, humor, music, cookbooks, and health and wellness.

She has worked as an editor and ghostwriter on numerous high-profile/celebrity memoirs, including two New York Times bestsellers (My Teenage Dream Ended and Pride Over Pity), and collaborated with Joe Germanotta, father of pop icon Lady Gaga, to pen the bestselling cookbook, Joanne Trattoria: Classic Recipes and Scenes from an Italian-American Restaurant. Prior to striking out on her own, she worked as a New York literary and film scout. Her clients included George Clooney, Marlo Thomas, and Village Roadshow, among others.