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We are excited to announce that Emma Nadler’s debut memoir The Unlikely Village of Eden is out everywhere today. A moving, funny, and hopeful tale, The Unlikely Village of Eden is a testament to the transformative power of embracing unconventional relationships with our
community, families, and ultimately – ourselves.

Nadler shares her journey of raising her neurodivergent daughter with multiple disabilities and the challenges of shedding cultural expectations related to achievement. A love letter to the unexpected village Nadler’s daughter galvanized, The Unlikely Village of Eden is about redefining family, adapting when life doesn’t go to plan, and creating your own path. 

The Unlikely Village of Eden book cover
Emma Nadler

A personal note from Nadler: I wrote The Unlikely Village of Eden because there was nothing like it for me when I needed it most. I hope that it will find its way into the hands of readers who feel alone or surprised by some aspect of their life, who crave a sense of camaraderie during an unexpected time, or who want to laugh and cry and escape into another life for a while. 

The Unlikely Village of Eden is an insightful and wholehearted look at the long-ignored realities many families live with daily. Nadler is a trusted guide who confronts both hope and despair as she gives readers the gift of what it looks like to redefine love, success, family, and community.

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Join us on this journey with Emma Nadler and discover the beauty of redefining love, success, family, and community. As our friends, we are offering you an exclusive look at the first chapter of the book here.  


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