Dear Friends,

In his 94 years, Sir David Attenborough has visited every continent in the world, bringing the wonders of nature into our homes and hearts. Now, in the most personal work of his life, A Life On Our Planet, he chronicles our influence on nature and shares his vision of how we must re-wild the planet if we are to save it and ourselves.

Described as his witness statement, A Life on Our Planet is both a documentary and a powerful book that gives us an honest and urgent glimpse into the world that we are at risk of leaving for future generations. Sir Attenborough has written a poetic and passionate ode to the brief, gloriously balanced era of the Holocene before we tipped the scales. As he puts it, we have arrived at “a series of one way doors” and now must choose which ones to walk through together.

Sir Attenborough offers a clear and life-affirming path forward. Re-wild our planet, which means working with nature, its natural cycles, and wildlife to create harmonious, self-sustaining ecosystems that allow all to thrive. Reduce our waste. Change our laws. We don’t have the luxury of time, but we do have the opportunity to transform. A Life on Our Planet shows you how we got to the earth we have today and offers direct and clear answers of what we can do next. To get started, we are sharing some ideas here.

Standing together with you all on this momentous day,
Doug, Lara, Rachel, Ty, Staci, Mariah, Stacie, Esme, Jordan and all of us at Idea Architects