Our Motto:
Genius is a collaborative process


We provide additional gray matter for our authors, so they can create amazing books—more quickly, more joyfully and more successfully. We work with the busiest people in the world, so our goal is to make the writing of the book as effortless as possible. With that in mind, we have built an innovative and collaborative team of publishing professionals who help our authors build better books. Think of it as a movie studio for words.

We are not just transactional. We take on very few authors and work closely with them to create books that are global successes. Getting great deals from publishers all over the world is essential and fun, but we work on the books we do because we believe that our visionaries and their messages are needed by the world.   In short, we play the culture-change game so we can create a world where all can thrive now—or at least by the time our great, great, great grandchildren show up.

Here's how it works

1. Idea Architecting

Long before most agents get involved, our work begins with the identification of a powerful message that the culture needs to hear. We take a visionary’s life work and discover together the most effective way to convey their message in book form. If desired, we help pair you with a collaborative writer that will assist you in the writing process.

2. Riveting Proposal

We then work closely with our authors to develop some of the most effective and persuasive publishing proposals in the industry, based on a deep understanding of what publishers are looking for and the 107 reasons why they say no. We also know the only two reasons publishers say yes.

3. Pitching Publishers

Then we pitch projects to the very best editors and publishers in the industry. We work with the biggest and most powerful publishers in the United States and around the world because we want our books to be read by a truly global audience. During this phase you speak with and receive offers from editors who are most interested in your book. We encourage clients to choose based on the advance, the editorial relationship, and the overall commitment of the publisher.

4. Joyful and Skillful Writing

Whether authors are working with one of our collaborative writers or not, we work very closely with them to create the most powerful and persuasive book, and to make the process easy and joyful. This often involves regular check-ins, crowd-sourcing ideas, and feedback at every step of the writing process to develop ideas to their fullest potential.

5. Editing Process

We have a team of on-staff editors who are able to work with the authors, writers and acquiring editors at publishing houses to make sure that the books are delivered in the most polished and professional way. Our editorial team works with authors and writers chapter-by-chapter to make sure the book is developing as powerfully and effectively as possible. In short, we take care to ensure the book reaches its ideal expression.

6. Positioning/Marketing

We stay involved in the publication, production, and promotional process, helping our authors gather a team of industry experts to promote their book and make sure it has the widest reception. It’s important to us to make sure that the book is a global event that generates the most impact and influence.