Dear Friends,

Mother. Author. Best Friend. Partner. Advocate. Colleague. Ghostwriter. Boss. Comedian. These are just a few of the many lives explored in Lara Love Hardin’s brilliant, can’t-put-downable laugh-and-cry-out-loud debut memoir The Many Lives of Mama Love out today. 

We have been honored to know Lara in many of those roles. And we are thrilled that her memoir has already received rave reviews everywhere from 
The Washington Post to The L.A. Times to The New York Times 

As Lori Gottlieb says, The Many Lives of Mama Love is “a hilarious and heart-breaking confession that will not let you go until it is done – and then it will haunt you.” 

In The Many Lives of Mama Love, New York Times bestselling author Lara Love Hardin explores the question, how do you move past the worst thing you’ve ever done? The Many Lives of Mama Love follows Lara’s incredible journey from soccer mom to opioid addict to jailhouse shot-caller to her incredible work at Idea Architects.  

The Many Lives of Mama Love is not just a memoir of one woman’s journey but an exploration of the resilience and power of the human spirit. It’s about reaching rock bottom and clambering back up; about healing, shame, and self-forgiveness, and about writing yourself a new path, with a different destiny. Take a sneak peek at Lara’s “beautiful mess of a life” through the captivating book trailer for The Many Lives of Mama Love here


And check out this amazing profile piece on Lara and The Many Lives of Mama Love in The New York Times.

Please join us in celebrating Lara and reading and sharing The Many Lives of Mama Love, available everywhere starting today. 


Rachel, Doug, Sydney, Amanda, Sarah, Alyssa, Bella, Jordan, Wenonah, Mellisa, and Sascha

P.S. Part of Lara’s inspiring journey was her ability to find solidarity with other incarcerated  women who had also lost their children and become a surrogate mother to the “lost girls” who were “desperate for things they [had] no name for.” Alongside her memoir, Lara is co-founder of the just-launched  Gemma Project, a nonprofit providing gender and trauma-responsive programming and services for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women. To learn more and support this initiative, please visit