Dear Friends,

We give thanks for so many reasons, especially all of you, with whom we get to work to create a wiser, healthier, and more just world.

This year, hope has been profoundly challenged as we have faced a pandemic, a contentious political cycle, and natural disasters including, here on the West Coast, fires that came within ten miles of our home and office.

As a reminder that we are all so much more powerful and capable than we imagine, even in the most challenging times, I wanted to share an incredibly inspiring TEDx talk about the Thieves of Hope by Idea Architects’ own Lara Love Hardin. This talk is a powerful reminder of how none of us is the worst thing we’ve ever done and that no one knows the true potential in each person.

Many of you know Lara as our COO & Editorial Director, as an author of four New York Times Bestsellers, who Oprah called “a great writer,” and as an incredibly dedicated mom and friend. Knowing her story will only make you even more amazed and feel more hopeful about what is possible for each of us— if we free ourselves and free one another from the past.

This talk is so worth your time, and we hope you will share it far and wide with all who may benefit from it, as we have.

In gratitude for Lara and all the champions of hope, including each of you,