Hi Friends,

 As we move into Spring, we want to talk with you about death, rebirth, and what near-death experiences can teach all of us about how to live our lives with intention, satisfaction, and awareness.

The morning after esteemed Dr. Bruce Greyson treated an unconscious patient in the emergency room, he was stunned by her account of leaving her own body, as well as by her ability to recount a conversation Dr. Greyson had in a reception area far from the patient’s room. This experience caused him to confront his own natural skepticism as a doctor, as well as his own beliefs about life, death, and consciousness and began a fifty year journey studying the Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) of patients.

He recounts this amazing story, and many others, in his riveting debut book, After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal About Life and Beyond publishing today.In After, we follow Bruce’s journey from skeptic to leading scientist on the forefront of consciousness and death, and we get the incredible real stories of people’s NDEs, and how they returned from death to create positive, radical changes in their lives. 

We are so excited to share his work with the world, because After is not only a breathtaking exploration of what happens when we die, it also reveals surprising and necessary ideas for how we can make the life we have more meaningful and more fulfilling. We are also offering you two original and in-depth audio conversations between Dr. Bruce Greyson and bestselling authors Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Eben Alexander. In these conversations, as in the book itself, you’ll find thought-provoking and transformative ideas about how we live and, ultimately, how we die.

Lara, Rachel, Ty, Esmé, Jordan, Staci, Mariah, Stacie, and Doug