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Dr. Becca Levy’s closeness with her lively and whip smart grandmother made her wonder—why do some people seem to grow in vitality as they age and others do not? What she found from her world-leading research at Yale astonished her and transforms what we know about aging: our age beliefs can add or detract up to seven years from our lives. 

Dr. Levy is one of the world’s leading experts and a pioneer in the field of aging, and her revolutionary new book that publishes today, Breaking the Age Code: How Your Age Beliefs Determine How Long and Well You Live, explains why it is critical that we reframe our beliefs about aging now. Every day we are flooded with messages about how aging is something to be ashamed of— these messages don’t just uphold structural ageism, they also affect our genes, our quality of life as we age, and even our life span (by nearly 8 years!). The sooner we reframe these negative age beliefs, the better, longer, and happier our lives will be. Adam Grant called it one of the 12 best books to usher in the spring, and we couldn’t agree more.


Becca Levy’s book uses stunning revelations from her research to challenge those outdated narratives and shatter the harmful myths about aging. By harnessing her scientific insights into the mind-body connection, her research teaches us how creating positive age beliefs can successfully improve the types of memory that are thought to decline in later life, and is more of a survival advantage than low cholesterol, low blood pressure, or even avoiding smoking!

Breaking the Age Code is a landmark work not only for how we can take control over aging, but also how we can rethink and redesign our society to better combat ageism. As our friends, we want you to start living your longest, best life asap, so we wanted to let you know that you can go to now and claim the Age Code Method Toolbox, a collection of six tools that can be used immediately to increase awareness, shift the blame, and challenge ageism and negative age beliefs.


We at Idea Architects are so proud to champion this book, both for the sharing of incredible, life-changing science, and the world-changing promise of reducing ageism in our society. We hope you’ll join us in the fight for a more age just society, and join us and Dr. Levy in the Age Liberation Movement!

Lara, Rachel, Doug, Jen, Staci, Sarah, Bella, Ty, Janelle, Jordan, and Stacie

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